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Feb 25, 2020
safe1769164 artist:feathers-ruffled19 applejack174736 earth pony274152 anthro272963 2020451 applejack's hat8912 arm freckles49 belly button82431 belly freckles66 belt6087 blonde mane261 breasts292687 chest freckles976 cleavage36014 clothes482415 confident811 cowboy hat17723 cowgirl628 denim shorts748 eye clipping through hair6719 female1417960 freckles30577 front knot midriff1416 green eyes4818 hat91984 leg freckles49 midriff19982 ponytail19257 shirt26635 shorts14744 smiling266506 solo1108070 tail33478 tomboy1168


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