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Here she is!
Miss Izzy Moonbow as cute tennis player 🎾

Oh my… How long has it been since the last time I drew fully dressed pony with cute pleated skirt? I missed this ;-;

What do you think, Sugarcubes?
safe1677576 artist:lailyren167 izzy moonbow1190 pony940194 unicorn311534 g52372 clothes449252 cute195499 female1337290 horn62227 horn guard341 horn impalement645 hornball306 izzy's tennis ball353 izzybetes238 looking at you163358 mare467006 mouth hold17049 one eye closed29502 raised hoof44262 signature23361 skirt38854 socks64754 solo1044544 tennis ball525 tennis racket160 traditional art116012 wink24084 wristband3504


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Background Pony #9FB6
She looks so cute and beautiful! I love seeing ponies in skirts for some reason which I don't know why but I do. <3
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