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Daily Doodle #5

Safety guard.
because, safety first!
safe1706495 artist:rutkotka238 izzy moonbow1534 pegasus291866 pony967613 unicorn323360 g53141 my little pony: a new generation166 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation120 armor23763 comic109125 female1363143 floppy ears52319 guard1281 hoof hold8304 horn67280 horn guard365 horn impalement692 hornball366 izzy's tennis ball415 lightbulb353 male372711 mare480590 open mouth145860 raised hoof45652 royal guard7766 sharp horn96 signature24792 stallion108790 sweat26347 sweatdrops730 tennis ball611 unshorn fetlocks25502


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