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suggestive140592 artist:ruxikah20 spike78220 twilight sparkle298092 human152653 bed40256 bedsheets832 blushing194376 blushing profusely1963 covering3905 dialogue64371 female1345624 grayscale37628 horn63750 horned humanization6683 humanized99167 male366294 monochrome148454 older26198 older spike5184 overhead view371 pencil drawing7817 regret273 shipping197687 straight134452 traditional art116624 twispike1638


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Background Pony #AEF4
Spike: Twilight?
Twilight: Yes?
Spike: Did you remember to put the soundproof spell?
Twilight: ……

Starlight: clopclopclop When is it going to be my turn?
Background Pony #FFE2
Cannot tell anyone that they are secretly married, until she is visibly pregnant.