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Artist's description:
Woohoo first day of Fluttercord Week!

I wanted to make this look like a medieval manuscript.
I looked up outfits with google search for historically accurate clothing and used elements of several results.

I had somewhat of an story in my mind when drawing this. How Fluttershy runs a zoo in Twilight's stronghold and how Discord (who's magic is taken away) is Tirek's fool. It involved Discord being promised freedom if he broke ties within the hold but he basically gets distracted by the pretty zoologist.
safe1675445 artist:tiger-of-my-eye9 discord30382 fluttershy209424 bat1659 bird7966 draconequus10982 flamingo127 jackalope110 pegasus279967 pony938268 rabbit5124 animal4148 castle1992 clasped hands38 clothes448473 dress43461 duo58404 eyes closed89972 female1335585 head turned52 jester308 mare465990 medieval155 shirt24060 smiling240161 spread wings52941 traditional art115845 wings100822


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