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With the reveal of Generation 5 of MLP, I decided to make a chibi-munchkin version of the image that is going around the various brony circles on the internet. On the Left is Izzy Moonbow and on the right is Sunny Starscout.
safe1708986 artist:spellboundcanvas397 izzy moonbow1564 sunny starscout1203 earth pony249674 pony970048 unicorn324462 g53214 my little pony: a new generation167 spoiler:my little pony: a new generation121 book33523 braid5832 chibi14411 cute200184 hair tie807 horn67609 horn guard365 horn impalement692 hornball366 izzy's tennis ball416 looking up16513 open mouth146352 reading6279 sitting63394 smiling249191 tennis ball614


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