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another thing I won't put in my tag bc its awful
berry punch angst enjoyers come get your juice
(I like to think berry broke up w minuette and that's why she's crying yes I did listen to the scripts "nothing" on loop drawing this yes my music taste is bad, no I will never change)
anyway it's ten am by me and I haven't slept yet so guess what I'm gonna do
safe1678472 berry punch6504 berryshine6504 oc667113 oc:sardonic ardor15 pony941016 unicorn311782 semi-anthro13031 background pony10156 comforting1250 crying42671 drunk4786 head pat262 horn62345 hug27677 implied minuette in description1 limited palette1582 messy colouring9 oc and canon55 pat303 sad24167 sketch61728 unfinished art96 unicorn oc7557


not provided yet


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