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Hello, welcome to march macro.For every like this post gets, Derpy grows 0.12 hammer units, witch is equal to 1 foot or 0.3048 Meters. For every favorite, her butt grows 0.24 hammer units. Witch is about 2 feet or 0.6096 Meters. And finally, for every comment this post gets, everything is doubled. Derpy fans unite! In about three days I will make the growth animation.
suggestive139422 artist:acid flask121 derpy hooves49655 pony938287 3d73143 bubble butt660 butt53429 canterlot5570 female1335594 giant derpy hooves72 giant pegasus250 giant pony4520 huge butt9491 impossibly large butt6988 impossibly large wings175 large butt15921 large wings1560 macro10639 march macro2 plot76928 sfm pony1112 smiling240169 source filmmaker44664 spread wings52942 wings100830


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