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safe1676865 artist:mekblue38 izzy moonbow1176 pipp petals653 sunny starscout900 earth pony237960 pegasus280485 pony939574 unicorn311260 g52328 my little pony: a new adventure131 spoiler:my little pony: a new adventure110 armor23312 book32849 bowl1586 dialogue63869 eyes closed90126 female1336776 floppy ears50721 funny4065 guard1219 guards102 high res25369 horn62119 horn guard339 horn impalement642 hornball300 izzy's tennis ball348 licking19745 looking at each other19381 looking at you163226 looking back55511 male362799 mare466712 open mouth140177 question mark4403 simple background383755 sitting61424 speech bubble22513 stallion104885 stars15154 table8977 tennis ball520 tennis balls5 that pony sure does love tennis balls34 tongue out100992 unamused15759 unshorn fetlocks24473 white background95176


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Background Pony #BCB8
Maybe they're regretting the strange white wings and you're being repainted.
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