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"I kiss you to the moon… and back!"

safe1677593 artist:banebuster165 princess celestia93858 princess luna98002 oc666609 oc:anon11603 alicorn218928 human151804 pony940200 series:tiny tia109 animated97186 bronybait2944 cewestia1787 cute195499 cutelestia3536 daaaaaaaaaaaw3674 eyes closed90185 father and child780 father and daughter2502 female1337301 filly64825 filly luna337 grumpy2498 heart47158 holding a pony2925 kiss on the cheek1716 kissing24163 lucky bastard1698 lunabetes3487 male362992 pink-mane celestia2534 royal sisters4317 s1 luna7196 siblings8057 simple background383953 sisters8511 sweet dreams fuel1509 weapons-grade cute3615 woona5046 younger16990


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Background Pony #B5EF
why do you want all to be so much kissed by them, they kiss him in a symbolic manner of love.
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Eat It He-Man!
When you date Fausticorn and she gives you these two precious fillies, then fucking off after a year.

At least she trusts you to raise them right while she's off building whole new worlds.
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Background Pony #3820
Anon didn't sign up for this shit. When they told him he was going to Equestria, he was excited to finally see his waifu. As it turns out she was far too young for him. And she was orphaned. Now, he's stuck raising two alicorn fillies.