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Cute trinity from the upcoming movie.
safe1971887 artist:hirichie32 izzy moonbow14001 pipp petals12042 sunny starscout12790 earth pony361591 pegasus406801 pony1323784 unicorn446550 g540914 my little pony: a new generation13849 adorapipp1930 against glass1647 cat ears1427 cheek squish1190 cute236287 female1603603 floppy ears64527 glass5886 high res86710 hnnng2626 izzybetes1806 looking at you217147 mare618510 open mouth197878 simple background501463 smiling331328 squishy cheeks2906 sunnybetes1086 text76053 trio17571 trio female3778 unshorn fetlocks36348 white background130297


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