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Originally posted on: Fri, 15 May 2020 16:58:03 GMT
[For mothers ] ❀🀰
Artist:@_.luna.queex 🌸
Which is your favorite?
Because they are the most wonderful beings in the world β₯____________________
✧ WE ⚘
✧ ⚘ YOU
We owe everything to mothers without whom we wouldn't have gotten where we are πŸ‘Ό
Don't forget my friend :
And more…..
#mylittlepony #equestrian #princess #twilightsparkle #mothersday #love #rainbow #applejack #equestria
safe1724969 artist:luna.queex73 edit134059 edited screencap66130 screencap224294 luster dawn1603 starlight glimmer49155 pony985309 a flurry of emotions1272 baby10561 baby luster dawn12 baby pony6701 clock1939 diaper13619 duo62689 eyelashes11461 female1379527 filly68038 holding a pony3042 horn70342 indoors3231 like mother like daughter400 like parent like child513 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter89 mare489965 mother and child2489 mother and daughter6001 open mouth149529 smiling253789 young1620 younger17569


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