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Twilight tries to help
safe1677709 artist:anticular537 tempest shadow16608 twilight sparkle296862 alicorn218951 pony940290 unicorn311565 my little pony: the movie18788 book32866 broken horn13679 clothes449288 encouragement88 glowing horn19082 horn62240 magic71817 orange background768 simple background383988 telekinesis27082 wholesome431


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The age of the injury shouldn't make a difference with respect to attaching a prosthesis (though it might for healing magic/alchemy). It'd be cool to have Tempest get one, come up againast some villain, and then dramatically yank the thing off to unleash her signature magic blasts.
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If humans can make cochlear implants and prosthetic limbs, magical ponies can make prosthetic horns. Though, if the injury is as old as Tempest's, there might not be much to salvage. Besides, she seems happy with her fireworks.
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If broken horns are common enough that somepony saw fit to write a book on coping with that, then there's definitely no excuse for there not to be a decent amount of prosthetics research going on:

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