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On to a new adventure!
safe1974627 artist:creeate97193 izzy moonbow14090 pipp petals12116 sunny starscout12861 earth pony362854 pegasus408152 pony1327040 unicorn447923 g541210 :d1609 adorapipp1970 backwards cutie mark4199 braid7942 colored hooves8964 cute236819 featured image1068 female1606239 flying47483 gradient mane1591 high res86880 horn117760 izzybetes1821 mare619858 open mouth198351 open smile16670 red eyes8737 red-eyed pipp71 smiling332177 spread wings75686 sunnybetes1092 sweet dreams fuel1886 tail66837 teal eyes285 trio17766 trio female3802 unshorn fetlocks36503 wings175782 wrong eye color1209


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@Torpy Pony
Most likely because your post said "Ignore this, it's dumb." which seems like a derogatory comment on this artist’s work. That there’s also a video there with an entirely different message isn’t obvious, since your link for the preview is malformed. This site doesn’t support those kinds of imbeds.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

@Yet One More Idiot
I see it the same way as you. Just trying to be funny by nitpicking on a small detail.
This image, and the growing amont of G5-fanart in general, represent the birth/start of something new. A New generation. That also brings the end of what was before. Begin of school is the end of holidays. Growing up is the end of youth with less worries. Kids going to college means they leaving home. The family and friends you get to know the last 10 years will no longer come by for a weekly visit. Or like your parents getting a new kid. You are no longer #1 in their live. I think this is the pain leading to these many downvotes. Trying to stop time by downvoting the future / progress.
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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I don’t think it’s that - there’s plenty of art on here that isn’t perfectly show-accurate but is still great in its own right, and gets upvoted like nobody’s business. This seems to me like it might be more of a case of G5-haters not wanting another beautifully stylised G5 pic to get upvotes.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -

Why are there so many people downvoting this? It’s actually good art!
Maybe because it’s not show accurate. Izzy has her cutie mark on the left side. But G5-Ponies only have it on the right side. So only one at all. “left side cutie mark” should be a tag, so you could filter it. ;-)
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