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safe1704138 artist:aleximusprime1486 starlight glimmer48584 sunburst6744 unicorn322264 about to kiss33 bedroom eyes59309 blaze (coat marking)1330 boop7395 clothes458804 coat markings4537 facial hair5849 facial markings1753 female1360966 glasses61794 goatee1508 heart48289 horn66879 horns are touching688 imminent kissing839 in love256 looking at each other20165 magic73152 male371922 male and female75 mare479450 messy mane7727 night26286 noseboop2827 robe3648 shipping199989 show accurate15490 socks (coat markings)2641 stallion108499 starburst1228 starry night699 stars15562 straight136197 sunburst's cloak488 sunburst's glasses409 touching noses1


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