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For those who still thinking that G5 is some kind fake or Filly. NO. Original ponies always have some official CGI animations, in commercials or tv shows. Even third generation have CGI in 2003! Years earlier than Funtasia. So please just stop comparing it to FF.
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You are my sunshine~
Pre-G4: Eyes on side of skull for a wide field of vision like real horses
G4: Intentionally ambiguous eye shape that could be on the front of the head or the side depending on the angle
G5: undeniably forward-facing eyes

G5 ponies are, without a doubt, predators. I'm surprised they don't also have some sharp teeth.
Background Pony #802B
FR, I don't get why bronies obsession comparing G5 to Filly Funtasia, they DON'T look alike or even similar
Background Pony #5274
@Background Pony #B33B
Funny, some bronies out there would tell you mlp didn't get popular before gen 4 happened. I wonder what if would have been if they followed through with it.🤔
Background Pony #5274
I could've sworn the 2003 gen was going to have a movie. Thinking about it, it probably would have also been in 3D if Hasbro followed through with the idea.
But god , for anyone who hates how gen 5 looks, look at what it could've been 😂