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Well the movie isn't out yet, so we don't know how it's going to address it. For all we know there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. I doubt it, but we just don't know yet.
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I'm not sure if I should like this pic or not. Its funny but it also addressing the biggest plot element in the movie that has everybody confused.
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I personally believe we will see the return of the alicorns at some point. Not only because it'll make sense for the continuity, but also because Hasbro has done similar before. Optimus Prime was brought back as a result of fan demand for example. I just suspect in this case they're going to keep something like the return of the alicorns very much a secret for as long as possible. I'm excited either way.
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I mean, stuff does decline overtime. The Roman Empire and Mongol Empire had long ages for them but even they passed on to history.

A possible theory though: Maybe the show was just the idealized version of events that happened and G5's actual version of events were alot less…impactful.
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I like how this pic has two most useless, do-nothing M6 members given all the credit and the ones that actually did stuff in the back. Unless this is supposed to be mudpony group bias? If so, pretty fitting :<
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dunno if that makes much sense at least in regards to how the world seems… it's not bad enough for three evil tyrants to be in control. its sort of a lukewarm amount of bad

Perhaps thats the reason that chrysalis and co got turned to stone?
To be the big bads in G5 that made everyone hate each other again and again and again……