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hello yes i love them
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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
Anypony know if the maturity age of the ponies have been released yet? Like in G4 the mane 6 were assumed to be anywhere between 17 and their early 20s. Then as the series went by and through the comics it was kinda solidified that they were really likely in their early 20s especially with the one shot IDW release of 20/20.

@The New Pony
Okay, good points. A lot of those were just incidental or one-shots though. I'm talking more about permeating technologies. For instance, you never see anyone in G4 talking on telephones to communicate. There weren't busy roads with cars buzzing by(unless you count Manehatten's taxis). Despite having some modern technologies, G4 maintained a sense of being in a "simpler" time.
Background Pony #4E84
@northern haste
You mean that the live action movie prequel comics are canon while the Bumblebee movie is reboot despite being set in 1987? That happens in the beginning of 2019 since after Bumblebee was released. I can’t believe a lot of Transformers fans discovered that the Bumblebee movie was truly a reboot set in 1987.
Background Pony #4E84
@The New Pony
But they said no Twilight in G5. Why is G5 set in the same distant future of G4?! Well, maybe in the future, I bet if Hasbro lied for saying that G4 and G5 existed in the same universe, just like when they lied saying that the Bumblebee movie was set in the same continuity as the Michael Bay Transformers movies, then maybe it would be a reboot which is truly a G5 that is identical to the G4 Continuity.
Background Pony #CF5A
@Background Pony #42C8
You mean they’re making a new incarnation of Equestria? This movie will be the pilot movie to the upcoming g5 show? Just like Spider-Man 1977, Dora Explorer Girls: Our First Concert, and The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar?
The New Pony

Im ah Beeeeaaast

Actually there was a computer in the very first season including a movie projector, a movie theater, buttons Arcade Machine, radios, speakers, vinyl's DJ board, parade floats, hospital equipment, and a FREAKING HELICOPTER! You think after 100-1,000+ years in the future there will be no technological progression? Stop setting yourself up for disappointment.