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@Background Pony #8571
Someone at 4chan made a good observation why the design suck and should be fixed. I may give it a try if they fix those Barney dinosaur faces into cute ponies


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I don't understand why people are fixated on comparing the style to g4. It's INTENDED to look different, it's not the same show. Frankly it looks great from what I've seen!
Background Pony #F52E
They should fix it like Sonic Movie. Come on fandom, make them understand on twitter that it need fixing. Or the movie will fail and sink the G5 along with it.

Weak for PriTwi/Sunset
Nah, not a fan of that fix at all. The original looks fine; this is G5, after all, not G4. It shouldn't look identical to G4 stylistically, that defeats the point of it being a new generation of the franchise.