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I know it's a fan name, but still…

For those who don't get it, look up Fallout Equestria and search for the main character's name.


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Well, Pipsqueak is One of The Main Characters of My Fanfic, and I am planning on giving him some Development and fleshing him out. The Story is called: The Six Knights of The Night, I've been working on The Fanfic for almost 5 Years, and the story is currently in it's Second Act.

@The Double U
Well it would make sense if they plan to make the next series come up around the first few years of Twilight's reign when he is grown up. He has good relations with Luna, so their is potential for her to be his mentor or them to have a connection throughout the show. Wouldn't be the worst idea if they are looking for a male among the elements next series.
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The names were posted along with descriptions that matched the designs we saw on the bedsheets back in January. It was less then 24 hours ago that the bedsheets were seen.