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Background Pony #1BBC
It's funny yet tragic how we all lost our marble over this. Drama isn't funny anymore. We need to stop self-sabotaging and making a fool outta ourselves.
Background Pony #2E45
@Empress Cozy Glow

Being set in the far future would make sense considering how in the animatic that may be connected to this, the filly (which some believe to be Sunny) is being thought about the Mane Six. And the names could show a change in society.
Empress Cozy Glow
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@Background Pony #2E45
Thing is, we don't really know if the setting's even going to be Equestria. We assume it, but it's not a sure thing. I honestly don't think it will be, because from what we do know the series is going to be set quite some time in the future maybe a thousand years, just to keep that trope consistent? and no matter how far they set the date the show's going to have to address one of the main questions fans have had for a solid 8 years: whether or not Twilight outlives her friends. If they're still anywhere near what we know as Equestria, then they'd need to talk of, refer to, or have idioms of Twi, like current pones do of Celestia.

They might just be from the "village with weird names" for all we know, so just hold tight for a little bit until we get more info o<o
Background Pony #B70E
Man there’s already a lot of fanart of these three.

Can you imagine if it turns out that they aren’t even the main characters?

While some aspects could use some work I dig it, it certainly has potential. The names or nicknames are not particularly stand out ones but we really don't have a lot of details so it might turn out better.
Background Pony #BC68
Those tv commercials marketing budget not-mlp pony related merch hoping dumb kids and uninterested parents wouldn’t notice the difference between them and hasbro’s stuff as long as they slapped the word pony on their toys.