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safe1754360 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends1012 amethyst star2629 apple bloom51108 scootaloo51979 sparkler2483 sweetie belle49774 earth pony267488 pegasus310473 pony1013970 unicorn343804 comic:adorkable twilight and friends888 absurd resolution67055 adorkable3589 adorkable friends356 book34624 borrow3 borrowing3 bow30070 comic111630 cute206137 cutie mark crusaders19344 dork3868 driveway15 female1405103 filly69849 flag4033 forest10587 frost30 funny4239 grass10182 home64 house2367 humor1013 lawn23 mare503756 outdoors11703 ponyville6092 porch76 reading6440 shocked7271 sidewalk255 slice of life1407 snow14147 snow day11 snowpony336 solo1096805 surprised9626 thought bubble3581 winter4508 yard30


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Edible but not food
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Never underestimate the power of determined children.
Especially when they collectively possess the ability to raze a small town to the ground.