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Commissioned by HexedKaiser

Celestia: "I think you growing quite a bit, Luna."
Luna: "Mmm, maybe, sister. I can't help it."
Celestia: "Not like I'm complaining about it."

Hello! I disapeared for sometime because i got sick (not covid). But now i'm recovering!
New content will be posted really soon. :D

Geek stuff:
Map: black_void.bsp
Bodies from Revamped Community (Celestia and Luna model was retextured and "headhacked"):
Couch and "umbrella" from nexgen group:

An alternative version that was also commissioned with the last poster

suggestive145552 artist:whiteskyline143 princess celestia95874 princess luna99952 alicorn228657 anthro264842 plantigrade anthro33554 3d78235 absolute cleavage3573 anklet949 areola18530 areola slip1943 ass50003 barefoot28006 belly button79560 big breasts83891 bikini18577 breasts283651 busty princess celestia10397 busty princess luna7061 butt62327 cleavage35144 clothes467525 duo62922 duo female11460 feet40710 female1382177 huge breasts39041 huge butt10050 large butt17288 lens flare1815 looking at you172257 looking back58739 looking back at you15373 looking over shoulder3856 milf9756 moonbutt3480 nudity376235 peace sign3031 royal sisters4535 siblings9116 sisters9125 sling bikini1448 smiling254502 source filmmaker47417 sunbutt4121 sunset5482 swimming pool2778 swimsuit28940 wide hips17749 wingless4468 wingless anthro2310


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Artist -

Live It Up
Like when the first version was uploaded, I'm running out of words to tell you except that I loved this version too since it turned out to be even more amazing that my original idea with them.

I just love how they look on those poses and the expressions you gave them, they fit them perfectly and your lighting made this look even better!

Thank you, thank you so much for this amazing commission you also made for me! ;w;