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"I thought I said to prove you can snap this collar. Tch… Figures you were too scared to try. Whateverrrrr…"


Lil Miss Jay is remaking all 24 of his cards from Full Service Playing Cards Series 4 with NSFW variants to attempt to re-raise the printing and shipping costs that were spent in a Covid-related emergency!

Whether it's crowdfunded or not, Jay is still doing all the work, and will eventually save up his own money to ship those decks, but this is to encourage new pre-orders of the physical playing card decks!

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suggestive143321 artist:lil miss jay2497 fluttershy213017 pegasus293036 anthro260843 full service playing cards290 ass up2221 belts152 big breasts82294 breasts278423 busty fluttershy17284 cleavage34660 clothes460776 collar33250 floating wings1178 fluttergoth803 freckles28971 goth2154 huge breasts38385 leather1119 lipstick11170 looking at you169199 panties50316 socks66502 thigh highs36437 underwear60945 wings107976


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