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Flurry Heart hanging out with Sunburst

Alt source.
safe1704767 artist:pfeffaroo227 princess flurry heart7254 sunburst6748 alicorn224161 dragon56198 pony965975 unicorn322550 baby10445 baby pony6598 babysitting201 beard3623 blaze (coat marking)1333 book33422 clothes459002 coat markings4542 cute199528 daaaaaaaaaaaw3858 duo61174 facial hair5851 facial markings1756 female1361515 filly66540 flurrybetes956 foal15418 foalsitting62 folded wings6016 glasses61828 glowing horn19615 goatee1508 head turned75 high res29179 horn67009 indoors3111 looking at something2599 looking up16440 lying down17116 magic73195 male372107 messy mane7729 nursery131 open mouth145477 projection21 prone25486 reaching436 reclining388 robe3651 round glasses62 sitting63125 smiling247811 socks (coat markings)2644 stallion108578 sunbetes280 sunburst's cloak488 sunburst's glasses410 telekinesis27691 uncle sunburst49 wings107069


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Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Lives on your joy
And here we find out why people like Sunburst: nerdy and awkward he may be but would be such a wonderful daddy. Just adorable.