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safe1752633 artist:chub-wub467 fizzlepop berrytwist9286 starlight glimmer49840 sunset shimmer64911 tempest shadow17023 trixie68780 twilight sparkle306432 alicorn233214 pony1012427 unicorn343144 absurd resolution67037 apple16789 armchair287 banana2053 bottle4279 can458 chair7112 cider2597 computer6362 couch8721 counterparts878 drink5057 eyes closed98326 female1403716 food73099 fruit1097 glowing horn20574 headphones8101 headset1840 horn77974 implied moondancer35 laptop computer2386 levitation12590 magic75489 mare503125 microphone5335 open mouth154846 orange960 pepsi200 podcast35 poster5496 raised hoof48497 raised leg8091 recording studio83 reformed306 reformed unicorn meeting16 smiling261672 soda1633 table9529 telekinesis28786 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126277 twilight's counterparts896 water14275 water bottle522


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