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safe1901925 edit150371 edited screencap76095 editor:quoterific4998 screencap247936 apple honey189 apple tarty189 applejack183757 big macintosh30591 perfect pie154 alicorn261186 cat7348 earth pony331322 pony1249393 unicorn412307 do princesses dream of magic sheep1301 dungeons and discords833 friendship is magic3278 going to seed755 hard to say anything866 leap of faith749 lesson zero1683 magic duel2370 on your marks955 the big mac question1115 the break up breakdown742 the cutie pox709 the super speedy cider squeezy 6000905 alicornified6322 angry31150 apple18336 apple family member3170 big jackintosh34 confused5469 cupcake6104 disguise5897 eyes closed113410 female1538862 food82661 glowing horn23758 goggles15869 heart eyes21289 horn105693 magic82782 magic aura5955 male435945 open mouth184071 pancakes1500 princess big mac259 race swap16943 sir mcbiggen120 solo1212723 surprised10692 trio14417 unicorn big mac133 wingding eyes28223


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