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safe1750826 artist:liaaqila1067 princess celestia96767 scootaloo51918 alicorn232935 pegasus309249 pony1010782 alektorophobia43 animal costume2225 chicken suit457 clothes476145 comic111483 costume28569 crying44822 cute205731 cutealoo2948 cutelestia3670 dialogue67962 grammar error1848 hug29142 pony cannonball218 scared10765 scaredlestia44 scootachicken907 smiling261067 speech bubble24435 tears of joy2642 that princess sure is afraid of chickens35 throne room1146 to the moon315 traditional art120268 trap (device)306 trap door6 twinkle in the sky30 winghug2982 wings123161


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this is why i hate the celestia be scare of chicken, i was fear this will happen!
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Really I don't know how you can blame her when you show up in a chicken suit.
Like, for starters, that's gotta be a breach of court etiquette.