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Background Pony #C804
  1. I’m gonna ignore that, since you’re being annoying. No offense.
  2. Same answer as above.
  3. So? You can’t please everyone.
  4. The princesses always were, and were always gonna be weak, powerless or not. This is the Mane 6’s time. You can argue about it all you want, but in the end, the writers have to have the mane 6 as heroes. And yes, other characters helped, but this is the mane 6’s time.
  5. Same answer as three.
    We can continue arguing about it, but I think we should stop right there, don’t want to make the mods mad.
Background Pony #C804
  1. True, but the thing is, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Also doesn’t matter.
  3. Try telling that to the critics who hated the mlp movie for the fact the movie exclusive characters hogged the spotlight from the main 6. Even if there was a workaround, critics will find a way.
  4. The writers probably knew, but let’s be fair, at least them looking weak is much better then them dying.
  5. Same as 3.

@Background Pony #E855
Again it makes no sense for the tree to toss them away like that.
She may be OP in the comics but sadly it still has some pitfalls(and the issues on what the show did makes it questioned more).
They won’t be hogging the spotlight if there was a work-around
Just because its focusing on the Mane 6 doesn’t mean the sisters had to be poorly handled. It pretty bad writing
Again, they wouldn’t end up accidently hogging the spotlight if there was a work-around.
Background Pony #E855
  1. You think?
  2. Thing is, she’s OPin the comics at least.
  3. While true, there could be a work-around, you also run the risk of hogging the spotlight.
  4. And most likely, they wanted to focus mainly on the main 6.
  5. Lastly, how would you feel if the princesses hogged the spotlight from spike?? Think about it.

@Background Pony #3410
Since the tree chose them, it makes no sense for it to toss the sisters away like that.
@Background Pony #3410
The plot can still progress if the sisters aren’t weak. Like the antagonist needing to find a work around or stalemate situation where the sisters add in the heroes to tip the scale.
Just making them weak is awful writing.
@Background Pony #E855
How does that justify the sisters being tossed away like that?
Background Pony #E855
One more thing: Possibly due to Inverse Law of Utility and Lethality: Celestia can control the sun. Imagine how horrific that would look in a fight, and you see why she will never be shown to do it in the show. The depiction of her defeating Chrysalis in the past in the comics shows her firing a Wave-Motion Gun so powerful it blew bits of Chrysalis’ body off while engulfed in flames, implying this is indeed the case, and in the show itself Daybreaker (who has none of Celestia’s restraint) is shown going all out against Nightmare Moon in the dream realm by unleashing massive solar flares.
Background Pony #3410
Also, Even if they got it, It would only be a few minutes.
Thing is, Hasbro made this two weak, so to progress the plot. If they weren’t weak, we would have a boring plot.
Background Pony #3410
  1. Likely cause the tree of harmony chose them.
  2. Thing is, i would assume Celestia and Luna were gonna have them, but due to time (and executive meddling), they cut it.

@Background Pony #E855
If the sisters were linked to the Elements AT ALL at any point, it makes no sense for them to be “temporary holders”.
Again, their cutie marks were literally on the tree, why would “temporary holders” have something like that?
Background Pony #E855
Thing is, they passed on the elements.
To be fair, I don’t think they even planned to have them participate, mainly cause they were temporary holders.

Where are the Cutie Mark Crusaders when all of Equestria are assembled? How come they didn’t play their part at the Friendhip Speech?
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Background Pony #C71F
This Episode Make The Last Problem Much Better Than The Ending Of The End
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@Background Pony #7775  
They could say Grogar was linked to the very first villain the girls fought, Nightmare Moon.  
Like he(as a dark spirit) caused Luna to snap and awaken as NMM like that. Like he planned on using her dark power for something.  
That way, he is at least connected to the girls via being behind the very first villain of the show but also it brings NMM back to make things come full circle. Since her story kicked the show off with that book opening.
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@Jonny Manz  
The thing is, the Pillars clearly passed the “torch” to the sisters and then the Mane 6 and then the Student Six.  
But the Pillars still got to be included.
Luna and Celestia’s cutie marks were literally on the damn tree.  
They should have been included due to being the first users of the Elements after the tree formed.  
The fact they weren’t makes it look like they are essentially pawns tossed away after their “placeholder” role is done.  
So the sisters should have been included not because they were leaders of a country, but they were literally Bearers of the Elements before the Mane 6.
Jonny Manz
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I mean, they had already passed the torch (as far as the Elements of Harmony go) - if they were included like that, once could make a case that the leaders of the other countries should have been as well (since Young Six and all), but I liked the symbolism as it was.