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Part 2 >>2635310
semi-grimdark30243 suggestive145531 artist:lupin quill937 queen chrysalis35147 shining armor23397 changeling48720 pony987826 unicorn332569 fanfic:feedbag11 series:the feedbag paradigm3 alternate timeline3017 angry27663 bad end2173 bed41612 belly28995 bhm1531 bondage34236 cave3455 chained519 chains5030 chubby13344 collar33841 fanfic art14633 fat22372 fat fetish1603 feed bag78 fetish40787 flabby chest377 force feeding824 lineless3933 magic suppression3983 neck fat135 onomatopoeia4398 queen chrysalard282 shackles1851 shining blubber109 teasing3819 unshorn fetlocks26274 weight gain4339 weight gain sequence828


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Monde de merde
So that's where Shining was, then? Or is that an AU where Chrysalis decided to abduct him instead of his wife?
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)

You are your Superior Queen's property now, Shining

If she wants her Unicorn Pony property to be portly, rotund and FAT rather than slim and athletic, that's what he shall be 😈