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suggestive162002 artist:severity-gray251 twilight sparkle322012 alicorn256600 pony1224231 absurd resolution69567 aura968 bedroom eyes67646 black lipstick405 catsuit1567 choker15528 clothes524616 collar38392 cutie mark51667 dominatrix2518 ear piercing32432 earring25184 eyeshadow20060 feather6981 feather boa196 glasses72423 horn101134 jewelry81592 latex14287 latex socks2801 latex suit4574 levitation13522 lipstick12886 magic81560 magic aura5717 makeup27629 piercing49213 riding crop1950 rubber2110 seductive2786 seductive look1567 seductive pose1951 shiny3052 simple background463018 smiling302331 socks76074 solo1194996 squeaky45 tail wrap7251 telekinesis31728 tight clothing2964 transparent background232754 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133520 wings152864


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Background Pony #27F5
You’re welcome X3  
And yes, she is a beautiful mare!~  
The best one easily in my opinion!~ <3 <3 <3
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Background Pony #27F5
Not the biggest fan of the lipstick but I do love the idea of Twi being into this X3  
I absolutely adore how often you make Twi stuff though, it’s awesome and cute!~ <3
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