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Originally posted on: October 30, 2018, 10:03 PM UTC
Indigo Dash
Indigo Zap as Rainbow Dash
safe1750738 artist:icy-daydreams8 indigo zap2523 human158965 equestria girls207135 :d1255 boots22934 bracelet10012 clothes476126 clothes swap1374 compression shorts1328 confident807 cutie mark49707 cutie mark on clothes3206 ear piercing27799 earring22170 female1402086 goggles14458 goggles on head51 hand on hip7518 human coloration5383 jewelry68317 knee-high boots104 looking at you175731 multicolored hair5944 one eye closed32517 open mouth154439 peace sign3130 piercing43116 shoes38745 shorts14549 shorts under skirt57 signature26934 skirt41091 smiling261033 smiling at you5208 solo1094477 tomboy1162 traditional art120266 wink25658 winking at you1095 wristband3827


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