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Hoodies For Horses Crusaders Edition

Alt source.
safe1751338 artist:pfeffaroo290 apple bloom51002 scootaloo51929 sweetie belle49743 earth pony266271 pegasus309413 pony1011332 unicorn342584 adorabloom2949 apple bloom's bow1599 bipedal36231 bow29995 clothes476301 cute205791 cutealoo2950 cutie mark49734 cutie mark crusaders19331 diasweetes2989 female1402609 filly69687 hair bow16389 head tilt1073 high res32888 hoodie14953 lidded eyes31820 looking at self111 looking at you175797 open mouth154574 raised hoof48467 sitting65625 smiling261248 spread wings57128 standing12900 sweater14929 the cmc's cutie marks4777 trio9761 wings123295


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