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the situation is getting out of hand (hoof?) in the Chrystal palace, next week the tribal council will eliminate somepony and he or she will be forced to leave the palace. will it be shining armor? Chrysalis? Cadence? Gandalf?


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I guess baby Changelings have white exteriors, but other than that, your thing about Changelings being some species of bug is spot-on, complete with grubs for babies.
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"Excuse me miss, I found this baby in my mail with a postcard…"Congratulations! You are a parent!""
"Yeah I had a bit more this year than usual, so I’m giving them away. Feel free to return them once they are fully grown."
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And if we keeping the Changeling baby, may help us for something.

Changelings can change any pony when they saw it. And that make some evil plans >:D
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