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Dash sleeps on…everyone
safe1656215 artist:chub-wub324 applejack165775 fluttershy207312 phyllis258 pinkie pie211290 rainbow dash228247 rarity177379 spike77183 starlight glimmer47135 twilight sparkle293865 alicorn214727 dragon53330 earth pony230524 pegasus272368 pony920581 unicorn302863 absurd resolution65119 appledash5721 applejack's hat6565 biting3586 blanket5114 blushing189230 book32409 cowboy hat14816 cute192226 cute little fangs1940 dashabetes8810 diapinkes9438 dirt738 eyeshadow14686 fangs23920 female1319481 flustered280 flutterdash4449 freckles27284 glimmerbetes3702 glowing horn18687 hat83046 horn58883 jackabetes5684 lesbian93936 levitation11602 lying down14273 magic70753 makeup20162 male356422 mane seven6316 mane six31107 mare457219 missing cutie mark4381 nom2985 open mouth136808 phyllisbetes3 pillow17060 pinkiedash3321 plant2011 plant pot38 pony pillow132 prone24688 rainbow cat108 rainbow dash gets all the mares81 rainbowspike528 raised hoof43006 raribetes5154 raridash1874 reading6060 shipping193733 shyabetes13035 simple background376789 sleeping22755 spikabetes1955 starlight is not amused318 straight131552 tail bite615 telekinesis26631 twiabetes11288 twidash5137 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120935 unamused15396 white background93392


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You better not, RD; Phyllis already went through some tough times, Starlight just wants the poor plant to have a break. XD
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