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Not sure on all the tags, so let me know if any are missing, or unnecessary
Finally, a proper reference for Ashaka done by the great Abavus. This was quite the beast to tackle, but they did it and it looks awesome! Thank you Abavus!

See if you can guess all the cutie marks on her ;P

Name: Ashaka

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus Naga

Occupation: Lunar Guard


Can swallow things several times her size
Can control her digestion processes
Her strong and extremely long tail can be a good weapon
Can make snakes for hair (usually for formal occasions)
Has a tazel worm like tail mouth with six tentacle tongues
can purify meals by liquefying the souls and converting the evil from them into her tail muscle (though she and her
friends call it “snake fat”) then reforming the souls and bodies in eggs which she will lay. Note: If the soul is
pure evil, the soul will completely converted into tail muscle.
Gains the cutie marks of the ponies she digests inside her tail’s diamond patterns.
Marks closer to her pony half are of ponies that are only temporarily digested and will be removed upon reforming.
Marks at the end of her tail are of ponies that are permanently digested.
Some eggs can hatch as lamias as well (signified by the snake tail overlay on the egg)


Ashaka was born into a family of mutants, thanks to her parents using transformation spells in the bedroom. In her late teen years, she and her brother joined the Solar Guard, but both left, due to constant acts of speciesism from their colleagues, and became vigilantes. A stallion from the Lunar Guard noticed their abilities and offer them positions at the Guard. Ashaka and her brother were skeptical, but took the offer, and they fit right in. Throughout the years, Ashaka’s already long tail got much thicker and much longer (currently about 120 ft long and 3.5 ft thick) by eating creatures, gaining a god-like status after she ate her evil version, who ate the evil versions of Equestia’s princesses. Now, Ashaka has her own religion, and now a stomach that’s bigger on the inside.
suggestive137237 artist:abavus31 oc655703 oc:ashaka2 lamia1998 original species23590 cutie mark45511 cutie mark theft91 egg3775 fangs24021 female1322355 implied death2500 implied digestion463 implied dj pon-314 implied octavia90 implied pinkie pie682 implied princess cadance248 implied princess celestia646 implied princess luna427 implied rainbow dash963 implied reformation13 implied shining armor334 implied vinyl scratch133 implied vore955 impossibly long tail176 lamiafied305 large butt15498 mane of snakes1 mawshot1412 open mouth137468 pinkie prey414 preydash370 reference sheet11898 solo1033781 species swap18622 tail mouth54 tentacles11420 thicc ass1098 vore13957


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So has all the main six made trips inside her or just a few of them? Also what happens when all of the diamond patterns are filled up and she eats another pony?
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That would be muchhh to embarrassing >~<
Maybe ask for a date or a kiss…but I don’t wanna learn if she has any venom..
Kiss turn into a limp snack from a venomous prick..
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