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This image has a mini-story!! If you want to read the mini-story of this pic, you can download the PDF here:
Story > Sci-Twi Wedding Dress — PDF

>> About the pic: I must add that this drawing is an inspiration from the videogame "honkai impact" - — it could be some kind of cosplay ;) — As for Sci-Twi's hair … I took the risk. I know there are people who are not fans of short hair on girls, and of course I respect them. However, I wanted to give myself this opportunity to draw Sci-Twi with a new type of hair, it's not super detailed, don't get me wrong, it's basically the same hair as Twilight, but short hehehe… regardless of personal taste for a type hair or other, I hope you like how this character turned out in unusual short hair ^ — ^! — I hope you like it!! Cheers!
suggestive137043 artist:charliexe326 sci-twi23317 twilight sparkle293972 equestria girls193468 adorasexy9287 alternate hairstyle26753 beautiful5348 beautisexy696 breasts265220 cleavage33290 clothes441903 cosplay27308 costume26625 cute192357 dress42843 honkai impact 3rd10 legs7899 looking at you159883 sexy27913 solo1032384 twiabetes11289 wedding dress1738


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The Horn of Misteries
When you look at Waifu's definition at dictionary, this picture comes in… or any Twilight image can come in.
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