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suggestive193550 artist:reiduran1407 sci-twi31872 twilight sparkle363135 equestria girls260607 g42066308 big breasts129843 black dress763 breasts401278 busty sci-twi1424 busty twilight sparkle16796 choker22270 cleavage47940 clothes651187 collar49294 dress63793 eyebrows26650 eyelashes28308 female1845767 fingers698 glasses91229 hair decorations24 high heels17778 huge breasts60122 humanized121589 lab coat2998 legs12254 little black dress316 long hair9256 minidress292 multicolored hair12849 pen1648 pocket295 ponytail28429 purple eyes6629 schrödinger's pantsu597 sexy47588 shoes61574 simple background616383 solo1457073 solo female239990 standing27051 standing on one leg1460 stiletto heels461 stupid sexy sci-twi249 stupid sexy twilight1860 thighs29474 thinking2723 white background168830


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Background Pony #F642
Miss Twilight looks really sexy! Definitely now the classes worth the time.
Solar Supporter - Fought against the New Lunar Republic rebellion on the side of the Solar Deity (April Fools 2023).

  1. Girl wearing GlassesL check  
  2. Girl wearing “LBD” (Little Black Dress): CHeck.  
  3. Girl wearing white Lab Coat over LBD : Check.  
  4. Girl with ample Bosom: Double Check.
    Now then:  
    if 1 plus 2 plu3 plus 4 equals “10”, then what can be better?
    Answer: Have Girl get Rid of Number 2. Them she’ll be 12..instead of 10.
    Does anyone want to dispute the math here? I’ll gladly show my Math work.