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And one more thing. Right now I'm working on the second EQG pack. I started working on that project before I went to the military but I couldn't finish it in time. Anyway I can continue working on it. I just need to color three image sets. Thus, the work is completed by 70%. Stay tuned for more updates.
P.S. sorry for the bad quality of this pic. I'm still learning to draw.


not provided yet


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Bad quality? Pshh. It's by no means bad. Sure, there is definitely room for improvement, but that's the same with every artist. I look forward to seeing you improve; I'll definitely be buying this pack.
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With the few had seen enough hentai to know where it would be going when sonata dusk has her skirt rolled up to her waist and her panty at her ankles to relieve herself when she could get caught red handed.
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