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May I present you:
The Male Six✨
safe1691677 artist:lrusu569 part of a set11762 applejack168685 fluttershy211179 pinkie pie214848 rainbow dash232365 rarity180555 twilight sparkle298345 earth pony243258 pegasus286143 pony953334 unicorn317116 applejack (male)1042 bandage5648 bandana5285 bubble berry1578 butterscotch1849 chest fluff38283 choker11774 colored sketch2811 colored wings6008 dusk shine2328 elusive1197 eye clipping through hair5356 eyebrows visible through hair1807 floppy ears51538 flying37695 folded wings5893 freckles28364 group3433 leonine tail8416 lidded eyes30175 long tail2272 looking at you165948 male367864 male six152 mane six31711 one eye closed30075 rainbow blitz2396 rule 6326604 short hair1914 short mane879 signature23907 simple background388486 smiling244073 spread wings53891 stallion106872 straw in mouth980 tail wrap6455 unshorn fetlocks24985 white background96409 wings104404 wink24377


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Forest of Sin
Pinkie is winking because she's the protagonist of a reverse harem. It would explain why we never saw a solo male Pinkie image.