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safe1636258 edit125353 edited screencap60570 editor:quoterific532 screencap213393 amethyst star2449 apple bloom47954 applejack164296 berry punch6329 berryshine6321 big macintosh27373 bon bon15859 carrot top5282 cherry berry1992 cloud kicker1900 daisy2364 dizzy twister1032 flower wishes2233 fluttershy205315 golden harvest5282 lemon hearts2045 linky1467 lyra heartstrings28683 minuette5615 orange swirl1032 pinkie pie209599 rainbow dash226249 rarity175665 sea swirl1499 seafoam1499 shoeshine1582 sparkler2301 spring melody1102 sprinkle medley1102 sweetie belle47739 sweetie drops15859 twilight sparkle291304 twinkleshine2129 alicorn210312 earth pony222766 pegasus264621 pony901381 unicorn293742 a friend in deed726 call of the cutie656 forever filly546 newbie dash1027 no second prances1795 once upon a zeppelin761 putting your hoof down743 stranger than fan fiction1032 the cutie map4067 the one where pinkie pie knows796 the perfect pear1364 the saddle row review1368 equal cutie mark1431 equal sign156 equalized474 glowing horn18185 gritted teeth11144 hat81533 horn55300 looking at you156274 magic69578 magic aura3480 mane six30790 nose in the air1134 open mouth132899 safari hat26 smile song257 smiling229476 smiling at you2369 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119758


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