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safe1638650 edit125651 edited screencap60792 editor:quoterific629 screencap213679 clypeus183 coco crusoe593 cornicle199 discord29730 lucky clover579 meadow song552 princess celestia92281 princess ember6119 princess luna96498 soupling160 spike76623 starlight glimmer46503 sunburst6319 thorax4139 trixie64990 twilight sparkle291657 alicorn210947 changedling7835 changeling44085 draconequus10160 dragon52134 pony904336 unicorn295179 celestial advice1108 bowing362 crying41546 cutie map685 dragoness7447 eyes closed86162 female1304496 flyswatter72 glowing horn18231 horn55688 hug26736 king thorax2753 magic69699 magic aura3510 magic circle768 mare in the moon1662 moon22516 one eye closed27940 open mouth133303 royal guard7266 sad23457 tears of joy2319 tongue out97220 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119901 twilight's castle3649


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