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The USS Sunset Shimmer drops out of warp in the same place where Twilight Sparkle got her wings.

Capt. Shoichet: "Captain's log, stardate 74330.17. The USS Sunset Shimmer warped into an unknown nebula near the Aridaginatan border. The nebula isn't like any other nebula. It's showing an album of the ship's namesake and her friends enjoying their moments."

Commander Inat'p: "Great. I come back from my phootshoot, only to see a nebula full of pictures!?"

Shoichet: "It's the ship's namesake."

Lt. Gorfilo: "Captain. The geode drive is offline."

Inat'p: "Great! Now we're stuck in the nebula!"

Celestia: "Hello there. I sense a ship in my ascension realm."

Shoichet: "Sorry to intrude, Mrs. Celestia. We'll leave."

A few hours later, the geode drive is back online and the Sunset Shimmer jumps to warp.
safe1639100 artist:jrshinkansenhorse57 derpibooru exclusive26560 applejack164539 fluttershy205632 luster dawn1355 pinkie pie209897 rainbow dash226548 rarity175913 sci-twi22976 sunset shimmer60057 twilight sparkle291702 oc642877 oc:captain becky ray shoichet12 oc:chief engineer dell3 oc:commander inat'p10 alicorn211048 star trek: sunset shimmer40 a fine line285 cheer you on274 equestria girls191100 equestria girls series30964 forgotten friendship5100 friendship games12348 legend of everfree7775 magical mystery cure2226 rainbow rocks17874 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13062 crossover60032 obligatory pony6238 star trek934 sunset shimmer-class1 the rainbooms298 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119915 uss sunset shimmer38


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