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Well, I promised Celestia after Daybreaker on Twitter because poll said so, but brain decided to say "You're gonna make it a comic".

So here it is and I tried my best to make it look good and funny. :p

Well… the link?
…maybe two?
safe1638211 artist:khaki-cap170 daybreaker2641 princess celestia92264 alicorn210870 earth pony223686 alicorns36 butt46710 car5802 car crash22 clothes435107 comic104636 comic strip336 daybutt119 dmv5 hoodie13084 jojo's bizarre adventure2683 link1298 mail1093 paper3099 police officer689 police pony197 police uniform457 smoke2433 sunbutt3853 text54980 the legend of zelda3513 twitter link63 van259 wings92766 yoshikage kira60


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Jean Thicc
1. — Because Twitter poll seem to like Daybutt more than Sunbutt, so I decided to split the entities in this comic to make it fair, because they wanted Sunbutt after Daybutt.
2. — It absolutely did not! She just wanted to piss off at least one pony. ^ ^
3. — Fucc logic. Celes needs to relax her wings and magic.
4. — I guess she drives since she handed over her crown to Twilight or since 6th season.
5. — Maybe…
6. — Wouldn't you like to know, David Bowie?
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Planeswalker — FoME

1. Why and how are Celestia and Daybreaker separate entities?
2. Did Daybreaker incinerating that test actually do anything beyond let her express her spite towards all of existence?
3. Why isn't Celestia just opting for flying or teleporting? Or at least public transportation?
4. How long has Celestia been driving if she has this much trouble with, well, the concept of roads?
5. Am I overthinking this comic way too much?
6. Is that stallion a pony who wishes to live a very quiet life?

I'm not asking why Daybreaker is working for the DMV, because that seems like an entirely reasonable career for her if the whole "rule with an iron hoof" thing doesn't pan out.