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safe1751168 artist:zuckergelee7 princess celestia96781 princess luna100805 starlight glimmer49808 twilight sparkle306236 alicorn232975 pony1011194 unicorn342545 the last problem6088 spoiler:comic10751 alternate timeline3040 bad end2225 butt65984 collar34562 crown17968 crying44837 cutie mark49721 dark4632 digital art20171 element of generosity925 element of honesty916 element of kindness1028 element of laughter928 element of loyalty1103 element of magic2383 elements of harmony2498 fallen hero30 freckles30137 french915 glowing horn20540 gritted teeth13245 horn77724 jewelry68381 levitation12573 magic75413 oh dear63 oh dear god19 oh no301 older27814 older twilight1871 petrification994 peytral3780 plot82159 princess twilight 2.02545 regalia21162 shocked7258 smiling261182 smirk13027 statue2402 stone604 tail30957 tears of pain1159 teary eyes4407 telekinesis28746 this will end in timeline distortion93 traitor sparkle18 treason29 twibutt5782 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126216 tyrant sparkle727 wall of tags3658 we are going to hell693 what have you done?!30 why2637 wings123262


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Background Pony #D526
I don't know why people think shock gore of Pinkie murdering ponies and turning them into cupcakes was a thing in the early days, either, but here we are. People like to take the pure things and twist them with dark themes.

People are lame.