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safe1765679 artist:citi382 screencap230833 applejack174438 fluttershy218643 pinkie pie221474 rainbow dash239929 rarity186823 twilight sparkle307847 alicorn235382 earth pony272611 human160140 pegasus314865 pony1025620 unicorn348751 the saddle row review1456 clone2865 clothes481002 cup6582 cutie mark50427 cutie mark accessory542 cutie mark on clothes3562 faic12630 female1415021 food73873 glowing hands344 humanized102488 magic76135 mane six32796 mare509046 messy eating1242 pancakes1388 pinkie clone756 scene interpretation8952 screencap reference791 telekinesis29077 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126899


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Digital Seapony
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Princess Book Horse fan
One of my favorite episodes of season six! (Also, if memory serves correctly, the third episode of MLP I’ve ever seen, back when I first decided to give the show a try. Good times.)