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Fluttershy is a filthy weeb https://t.co/jtTx6Nv9jI
safe1704996 artist:bunchedupletters20 fluttershy212496 pegasus291211 pony966230 :34532 abstract background14658 alternate hairstyle28065 aoi inuyama2 beanbrows509 blushing197372 bronybait2974 clothes459105 cute199568 daaaaaaaaaaaw3867 eyebrows4905 hair beads47 hair tie805 looking at you168375 open mouth145539 otakushy79 sailor uniform729 school uniform7236 shyabetes13783 snaggletooth137 solo1063140 speech bubble23273 spread wings54647 sweat26298 sweet dreams fuel1595 talking to viewer2705 uniform10605 weapons-grade cute3689 wings107120 yuru camp6


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If anything, she probably only reads mangas because well, televisions don't canonically exist in Equestria. At least we haven't seen one anyway.
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Hi, the artist behind this piece here. Holy crap this pic blew up.

@Background Pony #4C9C
@Background Pony #0E98
Yes, I was referring to the "magical girl anime" cut-outs from that one nightmare night episode. I took it as a hint that Fluttershy is at least somewhat invested in the in-universe equivalent of japanese cartoons. Combined with Fluttershy's knowledge of tailoring (see Suited for Success) I thought it would be fun to imply that Fluttershy does cosplay for a hobby. Plus I really like Yuru Camp.

@Background Pony #FB06
"Filthy" here was 100% an insult (albeit facetiously) and NOT an invitation to anything explicit. That's how the phrase "a filthy X" generally works FYI.

Anyways, I'll be posting another Fluttershy drawing today though it'll not be her dressed up as an anime character.
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@Background Pony #0E98
@Background Pony #4C9C
If it's in the show, it's canon.

Glimmer liking kites or Dash liking Daring Do I understand as they are established in multiple episodes and are talked about by said characters. The anime reference with Fluttershy was a 5 second bit and that's it, no voice lines beyond "uninvited guests". To say she is a canon weeaboo is reaching at best.
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Whatever, I'm not discussing this further.
If you wanna talk about the kinda stuff you mentioned in your first comment, that's fine, but if it's on an image with the "safe" rating tag, then make sure you put it under a spoiler.