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The boy walked, the owl flew,
The roof was driving home,
This roof didn't want
Sleeping outside in winter.

The boy walked, the owl flew,
The roof was driving home —
That's what was the matter
On Wednesday night in winter.
safe1750737 artist:atlas-66167 angel bunny10013 fluttershy217269 pegasus309209 pony1010691 rabbit5594 animal4664 blizzard312 bus stop123 chest fluff41221 clothes476126 cyrillic2623 duo64748 female1402084 folded wings6564 full face view273 high res32797 hot drink43 lamp2766 looking at you175731 mare502270 night27359 outdoors11619 poetry in the description3 russian4634 scarf23856 sitting65597 smiling261033 snow14132 snowfall4507 snowman593 streetlight329 thermos62 vulgar21157 wings123144 winter4507 winter outfit1563


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