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Okay Tommy… don't be sad.
You messed up but don't blame yourself.
Don't worry be happy.

This took again too long. Damn, I'm starting to act like a sloth!
Oh well, here's the 11th page. Yay. c

Magical Mishaps [Pages]
First page — This way
Page 10 — Look over here…
Page 11 — Here
Page 12 — Who knows.
safe1750222 artist:khaki-cap212 oc711801 oc:khaki-cap115 oc:tommy the human499 alicorn232855 bird8773 earth pony265826 griffon27991 pony1010311 comic:magical mishaps16 absurd resolution67008 alicorn oc27617 asphyxiation1563 beak1050 birb318 claws5239 comic111460 comic page72 commissioner:bigonionbean2057 confused4887 crying44803 disturbing160 earth pony oc9832 feather6270 forced1225 griffon oc2469 griffonized1224 horn77549 jean thicc54 multiple characters70 muzzle471 open beak303 open mouth154282 pain2059 pony to griffon5 salivating1825 snorting530 species swap20668 swelling356 throat bulge3699 transformation11321 transformation sequence1081 wings123062 worried4027 writer:bigonionbean1770


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