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safe1660108 artist:ser-p40 cherry berry2072 earth pony232037 pony924245 absurd resolution65200 aviator goggles226 aviator hat185 background pony10037 bust46877 cheek fluff5128 cherrybetes26 chest fluff36618 cute192797 ear fluff27242 featured image847 female1322944 fluffy13776 goggles13718 hat83290 looking at you160401 mare459068 portrait30068 sky13275 smiling236236 smiling at you2659 solo1034244 sweet dreams fuel1173


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I can't help but wonder if people with as extensive a vocabulary as Cherry Berry actually exist. Imagine being able to berate your natural predator for five minutes without repeating an insult or swear.
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Sveta Kuklina
Artist -

Some russian nerd
Yeeeees, Cherry Berry!!!
I'm surprised that she never became one of "background ponies" like Lyra, Octavia, Berry Punch, "flower trio" etc considering she was often used for background. Like, she had no fanon other then few things about her "being earth pony who wanted to fly".
Just saying
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There needs to be pics of Cherry Berry and Scootaloo. Two mares that long for flight but can't fly because they're both born unlucky. Together they'll try every method in existence to achieve their wish of flying and become best friends.
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